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Tristan Lohner

INTRODUCTION Attentive to the {accuracy} and honesty of his creations, Tristan Lohner seeks {coherence} between the project, its market, its form, and its durability. His work primarily focuses on the intimate and {sensitive} {relationship} between the object and its user.


My extensive and thorough study of cabinetmaking has fascinated me and guided my approach to industrial design. I do not advocate for innovation at all costs; I believe more in the search for balance in forms, the harmony of proportions, and, above all, the pursuit of honesty in projects.





When I pick up a pencil, I aim to connect sensitively with the user, to get closer to the initial intent of the design, which is related to the concept of service.



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SHAPES exhibition

The SHAPES exhibition, organized by RBC, focuses on the graphics of the creations, highlighting the elegance of the details and the desire to mask the difficulty they represent. As a designer, the industry collaboration takes on its full meaning here, and Wendelbo’s know-how is particularly relevant: tending towards a form of lightness, visually erasing the “stigmata” of the industrial process, thus leaving room for the sensitivity and natural energy of the design.

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French Design 100 Award

In January 2024, Tristan Lohner won the 3rd edition of the Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 award, recognizing object and space design projects that promote French creativity internationally. He received this award for the Studie chair produced by Fermob, which will be exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair in April at the French Institute of Milan.

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Release of the Studie Wood Chair

Fermob integrates the Indoor world with the Studie wood chair, Fermob’s first project to utilize curved plywood, made in France. Special attention has been given to the joints between the wood and the aluminum frame, which remains available in 23 colors.

2015 by Fermob